Deep learning reconstruction in ANTARES


ANTARES is currently the largest undersea neutrino telescope, located in the Mediterranean Sea and taking data since 2007. It consists of a 3D array of photo sensors, instrumenting about 10Mt of seawater to detect Cherenkov light induced by secondary particles from neutrino interactions. The event reconstruction and background discrimination is challenging and machine-learning techniques are explored to improve the performance. In this contribution, two case studies using deep convolutional neural networks are presented. In the first one, this approach is used to improve the direction reconstruction of low-energy single-line events, for which the reconstruction of the azimuth angle of the incoming neutrino is particularly difficult. We observe a promising improvement in resolution over classical reconstruction techniques and expect to at least double our sensitivity in the low-energy range, important for dark matter searches. The second study employs deep learning to reconstruct the visible energy of neutrino interactions of all flavors and for the multi-line setup of the full detector.

Journal of Instrumentation